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The oldest barber shop in Trnava
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ANKL Barbier & Shop

We are the first barber shop in Trnava located in the historical part of the city. Our services are exclusively oriented on men which is reflected by the whole shop and also the mood. We gossip like hairdressers but only on man's level. The most requested services are of course haircut and shaving but we don't refuse to experiment either. We love the highest quality and believe that every gentleman deserves only the best.

We have firm roots

It all started with our parents and grandparents who were educated in this beautiful craft and it obviously left some marks on us. We are proud that barbering was slowly growing in us our whole lives and it's not only another fashion trend as it is usual nowadays. We have cutting and triming in our blood, it's our lifestyle and we live by its values.

We love quality

We use only the highest quality equipment and cosmetics available. We have been searching and testing for years and finally became the official distributor of The London Grooming Company brand. Believe us, we know why. We wouldn't recommend you anything we don't believe and use every day.

We improve constantly

We had been working, training and gaining the experience for a long time in the first barber shop in Slovakia. We've also visited many barber shops around the world since then to find a new inspiration and bring the newest trends to us. We attend many exhibitions and competitions throughout the year and learn from the best barbers out there.

Our team

ANKL Barbier team consists of about 10 people even though you can't meet them all in our shop. These are the people who support our events and help us with the stuff we don't have capabilities for. We have six chairs but there are currently only five of us. We play incredibly well together and you will definitely feel it during your visit. If someone is missing, there's a huge chance that he's on training or hosting in another barber shop. And if there are more of us, we had definitely invited someone special to teach us something new.


My barbering roots goes all the way to my childhood. My grandpa worked as a barber right after the war and I was always around in my mom's hairdresser's. Hair had simply got under my skin. After mandatory army service I had worked in different jobs for almost 20 years. But blood is not a water and few years ago I retrained myself to continue in family craft. Today I cut every single day and simply love my job. What else could I wish for.


As a former professional athlete, I had about everything on my head, so I was relatively close to my hair. Once I cut the boy, it was decided that I would stay with this profession. I went to ANKL mainly because of a good game and their experience will take me to another level in cutting.


After completing Barber Academy course I tried two different barber shops in Bratislava but ANKL Barbier & Shop was always my dream. And I am finally here!


My name is Mato, but call me Chlebik. I started cutting at the beginning of the pandemic. There was no one to cut my friends, so I became their private barber and I started learning on them. Two months later, I joined a barber shop where I began to learn and practice. After 2 years, I finally worked my way up to the masters of my craft with the guys from ANKL. What's more, I'm happy.


I discovered haircutting as a young boy when I was watching my dad doing haircuts for his friends. As time passed I started cutting myself and soon all my friends were my regular customers. I've always been subconsciously noticing people's hair and haircuts. And also subconsciously I completely succumbed to this beautiful craft. I started in my friend's hairdresser's and later found a job in the first barber shop in Slovakia Gentleman's World in Bratislava. After two years I felt the need to become independend and build something unique. That' why Dodo and me started ANKL Barbier & Shop in Trnava.

Our shop

We try to make our shop as unique as our work. The place has developed step by step. We started with two chairs, later we added another four and to see each other better we even pulled down the division wall. We love unique stuff and that's the reason why you can find all sorts of things in our shop, from pictures, through theater bench and diplomas to unique skateboards. Music is also never enough, it's just not working without it. We also have large terrace with beautiful view that you could hardly find anywhere else in Trnava.


Haircut, hairwash, massage, beard adjustment and shaping
23 €
Beard adjustment and shaping
15 €
ANKL Long Cut
Haircut, hairwash, massage,
35 €
ANKL Shave
Wet shaving of head or face with hot towel
25 €
ANKL Junior
Haircut for youngsters under 10 years old
20 €
ANKL Shave + ANKL Trim
Wet shaving of head or face with hot towel, beard adjustment and shaping
35 €
ANKL Cut + ANKL Shave
Haircut, hairwash, massage, beard adjustment and shaping, wet shaving of head or face with hot towel
40 €
Our highest service usually used as a gift. Haircut, hot towel, massage and drink of your choice.
50 €
The London Grooming Company Logo
We've always demanded high quality and affordable man's cosmetics which would represent our work and values we stand for. We had used products from five different manufacturers in the past but it just wasn't working very well. The products of The London Grooming Company cover all our services and they can bring the same quality to you. We are exclusive distributor of this prestige brand on slovakian market and we also supply other barber shops which demand the same highest quality. You can see and try all the products directly at our shop.

Wholesale prices

We can offer you better prices when you buy larger quantities of The London Grooming Company products. Let us send you our wholesale pricelist and figure out by yourself.
Brand ANKL KLAN has been with us from the very beginning. It was created spontaneously when one day we realized that words ANKL and KLAN are only shuffled letters. Vertical division line is literally making a word toy from it and our customers usually notice it only after some time. ANKL KLAN is our baby, our happiness and we are very proud of it. It's not about quantity but quality and uniqueness. We always produce only small series of baseball caps, wintel caps, jersies, t-shirts, raglans and socks and use only the highest quality materials. Come and see by yourself, everything is available directly at our shop.


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